Chesapeake Lightning

Born 2002 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Breeder: Thousand Welcomes Farm
Owner: Kyley DiLuigi
Registry Number: 02008
Registry: Chincoteague Pony Association

Bay tobiano gelding 14.1H with four socks. Brown eyes. Born June 13, 2002.

[Pedigree information for breeds other than Chincoteague Ponies is not maintained in our database.]

Chesapeake Powhattan's Promise Witch Doctor F ---
Promise of Summer F ---
Tidewater Fable Gunner's Moon F ---
Satin and Silk F ---

M Misty descendant; B buyback; F feral; full sibling




HorseBornColor SireDam
Millennium Midnight 2015 2015bayChesapeake Powhattan's PromiseMillennium Midnight
Millennium Midnight 2017 2017bayChesapeake Powhattan's PromiseMillennium Midnight
Misty's Eye of the Hurricane M 2015bayChesapeake Powhattan's PromiseMisty's Hurricane Izzy
Chesapeake Rocky Road 2005bayChesapeake Powhattan's PromiseTidewater Autumn Skye
Chesapeake Captain Marvel 2004bayChesapeake Powhattan's PromiseTidewater Fable
Tidewater Waterlu 2005blackChesapeake Powhattan's PromiseTidewater Millennium Surprise
Surf N Turf 2008dark bay/brownChesapeake Powhattan's PromiseTidewater Millennium Surprise
Tidewater Pat's Flo 2015 2015bayChesapeake Powhattan's PromiseTidewater Pat's Flo
Dolittle 2003bayChesapeake Powhattan's PromiseTidewater Premierre's Lullaby
Chesapeake Fudge Swirl 2005bayChesapeake Powhattan's PromiseTidewater Premierre's Lullaby
Tidewater Surfer Babe 2005bayChesapeake Powhattan's PromiseTidewater Surfer Chique
Chesapeake Boomerang 2003bayChesapeake Powhattan's PromiseTidewater Surfer Chique
Tidewater Treasure 2017 2017bayChesapeake Powhattan's PromiseTidewater Treasure
Water Wings 2015bayChesapeake Powhattan's PromiseTidewater Treasure