Chincoteague Island Major

Born 2014 in Assateague, Virginia.
Breeder: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company
Owner: Kris and Jerry Barnes

Black male. Brown eyes. Auction price: $1,150 . Auction number: 37.
Surfer Dude F Pirate F ---
Gremlin F ---
Pappy's Pony B Ocean Star F Pirate F
Island Star F ---

M Misty descendant; B buyback; F feral; full sibling




HorseBornColor SireDam
Surfer Dude's Stormy Night 2009dark chestnutSurfer Dude---
Ginger 2001chestnutSurfer Dude---
Tidewater Millennium Surprise 2000chestnutSurfer Dude---
MoonStar 2009chestnutSurfer Dude---
Bay Girl 2013 2013baySurfer DudeBay Girl
Surfer's Island Girl 2015dark chestnutSurfer DudeBay Girl
Undertow 2012baySurfer DudeBay Girl
Sea Breeze 2014chestnutSurfer DudeBay Girl
Hoochie Coochie Man 2003smoky blackSurfer DudeBlonde
Butterfly Kisses 2012 2012chestnutSurfer DudeButterfly Kisses
WeeDream's Special Edition 2014chestnutSurfer DudeButterfly Kisses
Island Magic 2011chestnutSurfer DudeButterfly Kisses
Monticello Bay Dove 2006Surfer DudeCarnival Lady
Tidewater Autumn Skye 1999chestnutSurfer DudeCatch the Wind
Courtney's Island Dove 2014 2014chestnutSurfer DudeCourtney's Island Dove
Ginger 2012dark chestnutSurfer DudeCourtney's Island Dove
Tidewater Surfer Chique 1998dark chestnutSurfer DudeDerry Inspiration
ChIP LoverBoy Terry 2011chestnutSurfer DudeDiamond's Jewel
Surfer's Last Jewel 2015chestnutSurfer DudeDiamond's Jewel
Surfer's Mighty Kracken 2012chestnutSurfer DudeDiamond's Jewel
Phantom of the Waves 2014flaxen chestnutSurfer DudeDiamond's Jewel
Surfer's Rip Rap 2013chestnutSurfer DudeDiamond's Jewel
TLC Bronze Flashin Dixie 1999flaxen chestnutSurfer DudeDixieland Delight
Mahogany Fox 2001dark chestnutSurfer DudeFrumpy
Chincoteagues Main Man 2004baySurfer DudeFuddy Duddy
Surfer Dude's OT Sea Star 2003baySurfer DudeFuddy Duddy
Got Milk 2011 2011chestnutSurfer DudeGot Milk
Surfer's Milk and Honey 2012chestnutSurfer DudeGot Milk
Got Milk 2010 2010chestnutSurfer DudeGot Milk
Got My Surfer 2014blackSurfer DudeGot Milk
CLG Surfer's Blue Moon B 2015blackSurfer DudeGot Milk
Surfer's Legacy 2013dark chestnutSurfer DudeGot Milk
High Five 2010 2010chestnutSurfer DudeHigh Five
Surfer's Hang 10 2012chestnutSurfer DudeHigh Five
Surfer Dude the Second 2008flaxen chestnutSurfer DudeHoneysuckle
Saltwater Cowboy 2006flaxen chestnutSurfer DudeHoneysuckle Morning
Virginia Island Rose 2004chestnutSurfer DudeIsland Breeze
Island Breeze 2001 2001chestnutSurfer DudeIsland Breeze
Sea Breeze Blue 2002chestnutSurfer DudeIsland Breeze
Chincoteague Desperado 2003blackSurfer DudeIsland Breeze
Chesapeake Warrior 1999chestnutSurfer DudeIsland Flower
Island Rebel 2001chestnutSurfer DudeIsland Queen
Isle Treasure 2011 2011chestnutSurfer DudeIsle Treasure
Dreamer's Gift B 2012flaxen chestnutSurfer DudeLyra's Vega
Neptune's Silver Star 2010chestnutSurfer DudeLyra's Vega
Surfer's Twilight Stardust 2015chestnutSurfer DudeLyra's Vega
Lyra's Vega 2011 2011chestnutSurfer DudeLyra's Vega
Chai Latte 2014chestnutSurfer DudeLyra's Vega
Misty Mills 2010 2010chestnutSurfer DudeMisty Mills
Carnival Baby B 2005chestnutSurfer DudePaint by Number
Miss Virginia Belle 2011flaxen chestnutSurfer DudePappy's Pony
Surfer's Fifi SymPony 2013chestnutSurfer DudePappy's Pony
Kelly's Raven Moon ★ B 2015blackSurfer DudePappy's Pony
Pappy's Pony 2012 2012baySurfer DudePappy's Pony
A Second Chance 2007flaxen chestnutSurfer DudeSpanish Eyes
Sinatra 2002blackSurfer DudeSpanish Eyes
Spanish Eyes 2009 2009flaxen chestnutSurfer DudeSpanish Eyes
Too Many Sand Dollars 2002flaxen chestnutSurfer DudeSummer Breeze
Rusty Nail 2005chestnutSurfer DudeSurf Queen
Surfin' Scarlett F 2000chestnutSurfer DudeSurf Queen
Surfer Princess B 2015chestnutSurfer DudeSurf Queen
Surfer Dude's Cutie Pie 2012chestnutSurfer DudeSurf Queen
Surfer Dude's Riptide B 2009flaxen chestnutSurfer DudeSurf Queen
Soul Surfer B 2014chestnutSurfer DudeSurf Queen
Surf Queen 2013 2013chestnutSurfer DudeSurf Queen
Maddox 2010chestnutSurfer DudeSurf Queen
Suzy's Sweetheart 2014 2014chestnutSurfer DudeSuzy's Sweetheart
Dakota 2012chestnutSurfer DudeSuzy's Sweetheart
Suzie's Surfer Sweetpea 2015chestnutSurfer DudeSuzy's Sweetheart
Kahuna Blue Moon 2009chestnutSurfer DudeThetis
Surfer's Rouge Wave 2010chestnutSurfer DudeThetis
Remmy 2011chestnutSurfer DudeThetis
Taffy 2012chestnutSurfer DudeTSG's Elusive Star
TSG's Elusive Star 2014 2014chestnutSurfer DudeTSG's Elusive Star
Surfer's Shining Star B 2015chestnutSurfer DudeTSG's Elusive Star
Angel 2011chestnutSurfer DudeTSG's Elusive Star
TSG's Elusive Star 2010 2010chestnutSurfer DudeTSG's Elusive Star
Surfers Hidden Jewel 2013chestnutSurfer DudeTSG's Elusive Star
Starburst 2011baySurfer DudeUnci
Dream Maker 2011chestnutSurfer DudeUnforgettable
Breeze 2006chestnutSurfer DudeVirginia Belle
Surfer Girl 2005dark chestnutSurfer DudeVirginia Belle
Surfer Dude's Gidget B 2002dark chestnutSurfer DudeVirginia Belle
Dakota's Storm Watch 1999Surfer DudeWaterproof
Pappy's Pony 2017 2017chestnutSurfer Dude's RiptidePappy's Pony
Pappy's Pony 2016 2016chestnutSurfer Dude's RiptidePappy's Pony