Cloudburst B

Born 2004 in Assateague, Virginia.
Died 2016.
Breeder: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company
Owner: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company
Registry Number: Herd number: B29
Registry: Chincoteague Pony Association

Chestnut tobiano female with star, four socks. Brown eyes. Auction price: $2,600 . Born April 9, 2004. Died October 4, 2016. Buyback donator: Phil and Darcy Robinson. Brand: 04.
North Star B Premierre F ---
Red Galaxy ---
Shashay Lady B Cherokee Chief F ---
High Five F Simon F
Pudg F

M Misty descendant; B buyback; F feral; full sibling


John Wayne2014chestnutChief Golden Eagle
Rain's End2008chestnutRainbow Warrior
Cloudburst 20132013chestnut---
Cloudburst 20122012chestnutRainbow Warrior
Cloudburst 20112011bayRainbow Warrior
Cloudburst 20102010chestnut---
Cloudburst 20162016chestnutChief Golden Eagle


HorseBornColor SireDam
Chesapeake Bay B 2001bay---Shashay Lady
Little Duckie B 2011chestnutNorth StarDuckie
Duckie 2013 2013chestnutNorth StarDuckie
Nor'easter 2006chestnutNorth StarIsland Queen
Archer's Gambit B 2008dark chestnutNorth StarLily Pad
Whisper of Living Legend B 2000palominoNorth StarLiving Legend
Living Legend 2010 2010smoky blackNorth StarLiving Legend
Alice's Sandcastle B 2012buckskinNorth StarLiving Legend
Comet 2011palominoNorth StarLiving Legend
Arrow Dynamic 2007bayNorth StarMark's Island Liberty
Fifteen Friends of Freckles B 2006bayNorth StarMark's Island Liberty
Kimball's Rainbow Delight B 2006chestnutNorth StarRamblin Ruby
Kachina Grand Star B 2005buckskinNorth StarSalt Water Taffee
Mincaye 2010chestnutNorth StarShashay Lady
Shashay Lady 2011 2011chestnutNorth StarShashay Lady
Lyra's Vega ★ B 2005chestnutNorth StarShashay Lady
Shashay Lady 2008 2008chestnutNorth StarShashay Lady
Angel Wings B 2003blackNorth StarShyAnne
CJ Samm'n B 2006chestnutNorth StarSlash of White
Never Say Never 2005chestnutNorth StarSlash of White
Surfer Dude's Gidget 2011 2011chestnutNorth StarSurfer Dude's Gidget
Surfer Dude's Gidget 2012 2012chestnutNorth StarSurfer Dude's Gidget
Essie B 2013chestnutNorth StarSurfer Dude's Gidget
Surfer Dude's Gidget 2008 2008chestnutNorth StarSurfer Dude's Gidget
Gidget's Beach Baby B 2010chestnutNorth StarSurfer Dude's Gidget
Surfer Dude's Gidget 2007 2007chestnutNorth StarSurfer Dude's Gidget
Tiger Lily 2013 2013chestnutNorth StarTiger Lily
Grace's Saltwater Dream 2011chestnutNorth StarTiger Lily
Tiger Lily 2012 2012chestnutNorth StarTiger Lily
Chincoteague's Canadian Royal 2011chestnutNorth StarTuleta Star
Finnegan 2003dark chestnutOcean StarShashay Lady
Bailey 2017chestnutTornado's Prince of TidesShashay Lady
Shashay Lady 2014 2014chestnutTornado's Prince of TidesShashay Lady
Prince Sand Runner 2015palominoTornado's Prince of TidesShashay Lady
Shashay Lady 2012 2012chestnutTornado's Prince of TidesShashay Lady