Courtney's Boy B

Born 1996 in Assateague, Virginia.
Died 2016.
Breeder: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company
Owner: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company
Registry Number: Herd number S23
Registry: Chincoteague Pony Association

Chestnut tobiano male with star, white right front and hind, left front stocking. Brown eyes. Born May 1996. Died Spring 2016. Brand: 96.
Premierre F --- ---
--- ---
Pennsylvania Lady --- ---
--- ---

M Misty descendant; B buyback; F feral; full sibling


Alice's Sandcastle 2015 F 2015buckskinAlice's Sandcastle
Beacon B 2011bayBlack Star
Believe In Destiny2013chestnutDestiny's Feathering Spirit
Butterfly Kisses B 2006chestnutThetis
Chickadee B 2013bayBlack Star
Byrdie2015chestnutCJ Samm'n
Courtney's Island Dove B 2006chestnutSalt and Pepper
Destiny's Feathering Spirit B 2002bayVixen
Diamond's Jewel B 2006chestnutUnforgettable
Dreamer's Faith B 2015chestnutDreamer's Gift
Earl's Island Prince2015palominoTidewater Princess
Prince Charming2015bayFifteen Friends of Freckles
Surfboard Finn N Feather2015chestnutCinnamon Blaze
Hurricane Charley's Legacy2004palominoLiving Legend
Kimmee Sue B 2012chestnutCinnamon Blaze
Little Bit O' Joansie B 2014chestnutCinnamon Blaze
May's Grand Slam 20152015bayMay's Grand Slam
Mikitoofdiamounds2008chestnutSweet Mischief
Milo Hopes2007chestnutButterfly
Misty Mills B 2006chestnutSweet Mischief
Ms Teague2012chestnutThetis
Sand Dollar of Assateague2000bayBinky's Breeze
Stevenson's Dakota Sky B 2001chestnutPromise of Summer
Duckie B 2006chestnutLefty's Checkmark
The Unsinkable Molly Brown2013chestnutSand Cherry
Trinity B 2005palominoWhisper of Living Legend
Whisper of Living Legend 20142014chestnutWhisper of Living Legend
Neptune's Sonic Whisper2015chestnutWhisper of Living Legend
Wild Wings of Assateague2009chestnutWhisper of Living Legend
Maraschino Cherry2014chestnutSand Cherry
Maverick2014chestnutDestiny's Feathering Spirit
Island Cowboy2013chestnutCinnamon Blaze
Tuleta Star 20132013chestnutTuleta Star
Lefty's Checkmark 20122012chestnutLefty's Checkmark
Sand Cherry 20122012chestnutSand Cherry
Philly Girl 20122012chestnutPhilly Girl
Chincoteague's Canadian Jester2012bayBlack Star
Tuleta Star 20122012chestnutTuleta Star
Noah's Shadow 20112011buckskinNoah's Shadow
Ella of Assateague 20112011bayElla of Assateague
Salt and Pepper 20112011chestnutSalt and Pepper
Patchy 20112011bayPatchy
Sand Cherry 20112011chestnutSand Cherry
Scooters Chief2011chestnutCinnamon Blaze
Destiny's Feathering Spirit 20112011bayDestiny's Feathering Spirit
Chincoteague Sweetheart2009chestnutSalt and Pepper
Carol's Lightning Rose B 2016chestnutCJ Samm'n
Josie's Boy2016chestnutCinnamon Blaze
Kimmee Sue 20162016chestnutKimmee Sue


HorseBornColor SireDam
Sockett To Me F 1996bayPremierre---
Red Star 2000chestnutPremierre---
Red Sandy 1999chestnutPremierre---
Attitude B 1996flaxen chestnutPremierre---
Wild Bill F 1996dark chestnutPremierreCarla's Mare
Leonard Stud B 1996chestnutPremierreChantilly Lace
Vixen chestnutPremierreFoxy
Woofie chestnutPremierreFunny Face
Tidewater Premierre's Lullaby 1999chestnutPremierreFunny Hips
Cindy 1996PremierreFunny Hips
Chesapeake 38 Special 1999bayPremierreIsland Breeze
Vista Premierre 1996chestnutPremierreMidget
Chincoteague Chieftain 1996chestnutPremierrePaint the Wind
North Star B 1996chestnutPremierreRed Galaxy
Mooney 1997bayPremierreSandy
Copper Moose B 1996buckskinPremierreSandy's Grey
Phantom Mist B 1996chestnutPremierreSmidget
Chesapeake Cruiser 1997bayPremierreSmidget
Susie Q B 1996chestnutPremierreVixen