Danny's Girl Splash B
[Splash, Danny's Girl]

Born 2014 in Assateague, Virginia.
Breeder: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company
Owner: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company

Bay tobiano female with snip, four socks, cat tracks. Brown eyes. Auction price: $7,100 . Buyback donator: Beers Family. Auction number: 9. Brand: 14.
Wild Thing F Hurricane F ---
Just My Style F ---
Summer Breeze F Miracle Man F ---
Binky's Breeze B Hurricane F
Fuddy Duddy F

M Misty descendant; B buyback; F feral; full sibling




HorseBornColor SireDam
Summer Breeze 2010 2010bay---Summer Breeze
Keepingthefaith 2012bayPhantom MistSummer Breeze
Aztec 2012bayWild ThingAngel Eyes
DBL's Twist Of Fate 2013bayWild ThingBeautiful Dreamer
Saltwater Cowboy 2011bayWild ThingBeautiful Dreamer
Beautiful Dreamer 2012 2012chestnutWild ThingBeautiful Dreamer
Princess Snowflake Unicorn Pegasus 2015bayWild ThingBeautiful Dreamer
Beautiful Dreamer 2014 2014bayWild ThingBeautiful Dreamer
CLG Wild Star B 2016bayWild ThingBlack Star
Black Star Buttons 2017bayWild ThingBlack Star
Sir Dakota 2016bayWild ThingDakota Sky's Cody 2 Socks
Copper's High Tide 2017bayWild ThingDakota Sky's Cody 2 Socks
Doc Amrien B 2014bayWild ThingDakota Sky's Cody 2 Socks
Dakota Sky's Cody 2 Socks 2011 2011bayWild ThingDakota Sky's Cody 2 Socks
Dakota Sky's Cody 2 Socks 2012 2012bayWild ThingDakota Sky's Cody 2 Socks
Moonshine Mary's Miracle 2011bayWild ThingFire Star
Fire Star 2012 2012bayWild ThingFire Star
Fire Star's Wild Island Girl B 2013chestnutWild ThingFire Star
Asa 2010bayWild ThingFoxy Asset
Foxy Asset 2012 2012bayWild ThingFoxy Asset
Foxy Asset 2014 2014bayWild ThingFoxy Asset
Skylark B 2011bayWild ThingFoxy Asset
Grandma's Dream B 2013bayWild ThingGaladriel
Kindred Spirit 2014bayWild ThingGaladriel
Galadriel 2017 2017bayWild ThingGaladriel
Loveland's Secret Feather B 2012bayWild ThingGaladriel
Galadriel 2016 2016bayWild ThingGaladriel
Twisted Wildcard 2015bayWild ThingGaladriel
Island Madame 2011 2011chestnutWild ThingIsland Madame
High Bid's Wild Wally 2011bayWild ThingMerry Teapot's High Bid
ShyAnne 2010 2010chestnutWild ThingShyAnne
Ken B 2008flaxen chestnutWild ThingStar Gazer
Summer's Bay Breeze 2016bayWild ThingSummer Breeze
Wild Thing's Island Adventure 2017bayWild ThingSummer Breeze
Summer Breeze 2013 2013bayWild ThingSummer Breeze
Summer Breeze 2015 2015bayWild ThingSummer Breeze
Mr. Beebe 2013bayWild ThingThetis
Thetis 2016 2016bayWild ThingThetis
Henry's Hidalgo B 2017bayWild ThingThetis
Stars of Orion 2015bayWild ThingThetis
Skeeter 2014chestnutWild ThingThetis
Tuleta Star 2014 2014bayWild ThingTuleta Star
Tuleta's Wild Star 2015flaxen chestnutWild ThingTuleta Star
Kokomo 2009chestnutWild ThingWitchkraft
Maverick B 2013bayWild ThingWitchkraft
Surfer 2012chestnutWild ThingWitchkraft
Sea Breeze Snafu 2015chestnutWild ThingWitchkraft
Friendly Girl's Wild Kaleidoscope 2016chestnutWild ThingWitchkraft
Witchkraft 2010 2010chestnutWild ThingWitchkraft
Gideon 2007chestnutWild ThingWitchkraft