General Lee F
[Billy Ray Red]

Born in Assateague, Virginia.
Breeder: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company
Owner: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company
Registry: Chincoteague Pony Association

Chestnut male. Removed from island and sold in 1995.
Pirate F --- ---
--- ---
--- --- ---
--- ---

M Misty descendant; B buyback; F feral; full sibling


Island Dream F 1995chestnutSneakers
Sir Chester of Assateague1994flaxen chestnut---
Surf Queen F 1997chestnutVirginia Belle
Wesley's Surprise1994bayHeaven Scent


HorseBornColor SireDam
Ocean Star F bayPirate---
Island Spirit 1993bayPirate---
Surfer Dude F 1992flaxen chestnutPirateGremlin
Mermaid F 1993bayPirateUnbridled's Passion