Leonard Stud B
[Diablo, Don Leonard Stud]

Born 1996 in Assateague, Virginia.
Died 2014.
Breeder: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company
Owner: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company

Chestnut tobiano male with blaze, four socks. Brown eyes. Died Spring 2014. Buyback donator: Leonard Family. Alternate dams: Mohawk and Funny Face.
Premierre F --- ---
--- ---
Chantilly Lace --- ---
--- ---

M Misty descendant; B buyback; F feral; full sibling


A Feather's Blessing2014chestnutShyAnne
A Splash of Freckles B 2011bayFifteen Friends of Freckles
Lorna Dune B 2013palominoJessica's Sea Star Sandy
Poco's Starry Night B 2012blackPoco Latte PW
Shadow of Assateague2005chestnutSalt and Pepper
Sonny's Legacy B 2013chestnutShyAnne
Spartan Warrior2012bayShyAnne
The Mystery of Assateague2004Valiant Lady
Three Hour Tour2007chestnutSlash of White
Thunderstorm Skies B 2013chestnutLily Pad
Tornado's Sandstorm2011buckskinJessica's Sea Star Sandy
Erin's Chief of Chincoteague2011chestnutShyAnne
Lily Pad 20122012chestnutLily Pad
Dixie2011bayPoco Latte PW
Lily Pad 20112011chestnutLily Pad
Jessica's Sea Star Sandy 20102010chestnutJessica's Sea Star Sandy
Chincoteague Riptide2002palominoSandy's Grey
Early Morning Glass2010chestnutLily Pad
Lil Man2008chestnutTrinity
WH Sea BreezeShyAnne


HorseBornColor SireDam
Millennium Midnight 2000bayMiracle ManChantilly Lace
Sockett To Me F 1996bayPremierre---
Red Star 2000chestnutPremierre---
Attitude B 1996flaxen chestnutPremierre---
Red Sandy 1999chestnutPremierre---
Wild Bill F 1996dark chestnutPremierreCarla's Mare
Vixen chestnutPremierreFoxy
Woofie chestnutPremierreFunny Face
Tidewater Premierre's Lullaby 1999chestnutPremierreFunny Hips
Cindy 1996PremierreFunny Hips
Chesapeake 38 Special 1999bayPremierreIsland Breeze
Vista Premierre 1996chestnutPremierreMidget
Chincoteague Chieftain 1996chestnutPremierrePaint the Wind
Courtney's Boy B 1996chestnutPremierrePennsylvania Lady
North Star B 1996chestnutPremierreRed Galaxy
Mooney 1997bayPremierreSandy
Copper Moose B 1996buckskinPremierreSandy's Grey
Chesapeake Cruiser 1997bayPremierreSmidget
Phantom Mist B 1996chestnutPremierreSmidget
Susie Q B 1996chestnutPremierreVixen