Bay Girl F
[Fluffy, A93]

Born 1999 in Assateague, Virginia.
Breeder: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company
Owner: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company
Registry Number: Herd number: A93
Registry: Chincoteague Pony Association

Bay female. Brown eyes.
Witch Doctor F --- ---
--- ---
Wild Island Orchid F --- ---
--- ---

M Misty descendant; B buyback; F feral; full sibling


Surfer's Island Girl2015dark chestnutSurfer Dude
Chincoteague Billy's Promise2010bayMiracle Man
Sea Breeze2014chestnutSurfer Dude
Bay Girl 20132013baySurfer Dude
Undertow2012baySurfer Dude
Bay Girl 20112011bay---
Little Rippy2016chestnutSurfer Dude's Riptide
Bay Girl 20172017chestnutSurfer Dude's Riptide


HorseBornColor SireDam
Wild Island Orchid 2016 2016chestnutEffie's Papa BearWild Island Orchid
Salt Tea Cowboy 2015bayEffie's Papa BearWild Island Orchid
Wild Island Orchid 2017 2017chestnutEffie's Papa BearWild Island Orchid
Tornado's Island Tide 2012chestnutTornado's Prince of TidesWild Island Orchid
Fuzzy Peaches F 1993chestnutWitch Doctor---
Arkansas' Ashley 1998sooty buckskinWitch DoctorBlack Silk Stockings
Gypsy 2001blackWitch DoctorCarnival Lady
Chincoteague Sable 1996blackWitch DoctorCover Girl
Gypsy's Cocoa Girl Witch DoctorGypsy
Chincoteague Mystic Blaze 2005Witch DoctorIsland Star
Tidewater Fandango 1999bayWitch DoctorPeriwinkle
Chesapeake Powhattan's Promise 1998blackWitch DoctorPromise of Summer
Captain Bob 2006chestnutWitch DoctorRange Rover
Black Star F 1998bayWitch DoctorRap the Wind
Sandbar bayWitch DoctorRap the Wind
Red Elvis bayWitch DoctorRose O' Hara
Sand Cherry 2010 2010chestnutWitch DoctorSand Cherry
Sea Mist 2006brownWitch DoctorStar Gazer
Calico Kid 1997bayWitch DoctorSweet Mischief
Slash of White F 1998chestnutWitch DoctorSweet Mischief
Got Milk F 2000bayWitch DoctorWaterkolor
Chinco'ts T.H.S. Domino 1998blackWitch DoctorWaterkolor
Babe B 1994bayWitch DoctorWild Fire
Fabulous 2010bayWitch DoctorWild Island Orchid
Mop Top 2009bayWitch DoctorWild Island Orchid
Two Teagues Taco ★ B 2005bayWitch DoctorWild Island Orchid
White Saddle ★ B 2013bayWitch DoctorWild Island Orchid