Surf Queen F

Born 1997 in Assateague, Virginia.
Breeder: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company
Owner: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company
Registry Number: Herd number: 30
Registry: Chincoteague Pony Association

Chestnut female with star, near hind sock. Brown eyes. Born September 1997. Alternate sire: Simon. Alternate dam: High Five.
General Lee F Pirate F ---
--- ---
Virginia Belle F --- ---
--- ---

M Misty descendant; B buyback; F feral; full sibling


Bay Breeze2011bay---
Maddox2010chestnutSurfer Dude
Rusty Nail2005chestnutSurfer Dude
Soul Surfer B 2014chestnutSurfer Dude
Surfer Dude's Riptide B 2009flaxen chestnutSurfer Dude
Surfer Princess B 2015chestnutSurfer Dude
Surfin' Scarlett F 2000chestnutSurfer Dude
Surf Queen 20132013chestnutSurfer Dude
Surfer Dude's Cutie Pie2012chestnutSurfer Dude
Hoppy's Surfing Princess2017bayEffie's Papa Bear


HorseBornColor SireDam
Luna Seas 1999black---Virginia Belle
Virginia Belle 1996 1996chestnut---Virginia Belle
Sir Chester of Assateague 1994flaxen chestnutGeneral Lee---
Wesley's Surprise 1994bayGeneral LeeHeaven Scent
Island Dream F 1995chestnutGeneral LeeSneakers
Surfer Girl 2005dark chestnutSurfer DudeVirginia Belle
Surfer Dude's Gidget B 2002dark chestnutSurfer DudeVirginia Belle
Breeze 2006chestnutSurfer DudeVirginia Belle