Chief's Midnight Surf

Born 2015 in Assateague, Virginia.
Breeder: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company

Palomino male. Brown eyes. Auction price: $3,900 . Born July 27, 2015. Auction number: 10.
Chief Golden Eagle B Glacier F Trigger F
Kelly F
Beautiful Dreamer F ---
Surfin' Scarlett F Surfer Dude F Pirate F
Gremlin F
Surf Queen F General Lee F
Virginia Belle F

M Misty descendant; B buyback; F feral; full sibling




HorseBornColor SireDam
John Wayne 2014chestnutChief Golden EagleCloudburst
Cloudburst 2016 2016chestnutChief Golden EagleCloudburst
WeeDream's Misty's Dream 2014palominoChief Golden EagleIsland Dream
Spirit, Little Chief of Chincoteague 2016buckskinChief Golden EaglePony Ladies' Sweet Surprise
CLG Cowboy Kisses B 2017palominoChief Golden EaglePony Ladies' Sweet Surprise
Shy and Sassy Sweet Lady Suede B 2014palominoChief Golden EaglePony Ladies' Sweet Surprise
Sanddancer 2014 2014chestnutChief Golden EagleSanddancer
Susana 2014 2014chestnutChief Golden EagleSusana
Two Teagues Taco 2014 2014buckskinChief Golden EagleTwo Teagues Taco
Two Teague's Golden Girl B 2016palominoChief Golden EagleTwo Teagues Taco
Root Beer 2015bayChief Golden EagleTwo Teagues Taco
Two Teagues Taco 2017 2017chestnutChief Golden EagleTwo Teagues Taco
Rainbow Swirl B 2010bayRainbow WarriorSurfin' Scarlett
Surfin' Scarlett 2012 2012bayRainbow WarriorSurfin' Scarlett
Surfin' Scarlett 2011 2011bayRainbow WarriorSurfin' Scarlett
Surfin' Chantel B 2013chestnutRainbow WarriorSurfin' Scarlett