Born 2010 in Assateague, Virginia.
Breeder: Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company

Dark bay/brown tobiano gelding with four socks. Brown eyes. Auction price: $4,200. Auction number: 5. The pony featured in Sweetheart's Gift: A Healing Chincoteague Pony Story by Peggy Jaegly.
Wild Bill F Premierre F ---
Carla's Mare ---
Dreamcatcher B --- ---
--- ---

M Misty descendant; B buyback; F feral; full sibling




HorseBornColor SireDam
Dreamcatcher 2007 2007black---Dreamcatcher
Ajax's Lightning Beach 2015bayAjaxDreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher 2013 2013bayAjaxDreamcatcher
Cochise 2012bayAjaxDreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher 2014 2014bayAjaxDreamcatcher
Lexi 2017bayAjaxDreamcatcher
Prince Snipperdoodle 2005dark chestnutWild Bill---
Siri 2013chestnutWild BillBabe
Babe's Wild Lightning Bolt 2014chestnutWild BillBabe
Salt Water Taffy 2015bayWild BillBabe
Dandee's Ocean Breeze 2007Wild BillBlack Star
Chincoteague Island Cody 2010bayWild BillBlack Star
Carol's Little Freedom 2010 2010bayWild BillCarol's Little Freedom
Iktomi 2005bayWild BillDreamcatcher
Midnight Dream 2009blackWild BillDreamcatcher
Dreamdancer ★ B 2008blackWild BillDreamcatcher
Midnight 2011blackWild BillDreamcatcher
TSG's Elusive Star B 2005dark chestnutWild BillFuddy Duddy
SeaSalt 2015chestnutWild BillJABATAA
JABATAA 2017 2017chestnutWild BillJABATAA
JABATAA 2016 2016chestnutWild BillJABATAA
JABATAA 2014 2014chestnutWild BillJABATAA
Walking on Sunshine 2013chestnutWild BillJABATAA
Hurry Up Bryce 2016bayWild BillLandrie's Georgia Peach
Saltwater Secret 2013chestnutWild BillLandrie's Georgia Peach
Liz's Serenity B 2017buckskinWild BillLandrie's Georgia Peach
Creekdance Surfstar 2010dark chestnutWild BillMystery
Salt Water Taffee 2016 2016chestnutWild BillSalt Water Taffee
Salt Water Taffee 2012 2012bayWild BillSalt Water Taffee
Wild Puddintain B 2011palominoWild BillSalt Water Taffee
Sweet Tea 2015chestnutWild BillSalt Water Taffee
Kelly's Luck B 2013dark chestnutWild BillSalt Water Taffee
Sweetheart B 2011bayWild BillScottie ET
Stevenson's Dakota Sky 2010 2010chestnutWild BillStevenson's Dakota Sky
Stevenson's Dakota Sky 2011 2011chestnutWild BillStevenson's Dakota Sky
Susana 2015 2015chestnutWild BillSusana
Storm Runner 2008chestnutWild BillSusana
Susana 2016 2016chestnutWild BillSusana
Whisper of Living Legend 2013 2013chestnutWild BillWhisper of Living Legend
Tidewater Pat's Flo 2002chestnutWild BillWind Song