Zebe Beebe Bella

Born 2004 in Celina, Texas.
Breeder: Cool Winds Ranch
Owner: Candice Miller
Registry Number: CPA 04059
Registry: Chincoteague Pony Association

Sooty buckskin female. Brown eyes. Born April 10, 2004.
Lightning of Chincoteague --- ---
--- ---
Little Beebe --- ---
--- ---

M Misty descendant; B buyback; F feral; full sibling


Peregrin Took2009dark bay/brownTuffer Than Leather


HorseBornColor SireDam
Hailey 2000bayCezanneLittle Beebe
Black Eyed Susan 2010buckskinIsland WildfireLittle Beebe
The Duchess Of Lightning 2008dark bay/brownLightning of ChincoteagueDenim and Diamonds
Little Lightening 2008bayLightning of ChincoteagueLittle Beebe
Scorpio 2003chestnutLightning of ChincoteagueLittle Beebe
Beebe's Flash Of Lightning 2009palominoLightning of ChincoteagueLittle Beebe
Misty II's Henry M 1998chestnutLightning of ChincoteagueMisty II
Misty's Chesapeake Bay M 1994bayLightning of ChincoteagueMisty's Black Mist
Misty's Struck By Lightning M 2005bayLightning of ChincoteagueMisty's Chance Of Rain
Misty's December Frost M 2007chestnutLightning of ChincoteagueMisty's Chance Of Rain
Misty's Sunbeam M 1997buckskinLightning of ChincoteagueMisty's Heat Wave
Misty's Moonlight M 1997bayLightning of ChincoteagueMisty's Partly Cloudy
Misty's Chance Of Rain M 1995chestnutLightning of ChincoteagueMisty's Rainbow
Misty's Colors Of The Wind M 1995bayLightning of ChincoteagueMisty's Wind Spirit
Misty's SunDancer M 1998bayLightning of ChincoteagueMisty's Wind Spirit
Misty's Windswept M 1994chestnutLightning of ChincoteagueMisty's Wind Spirit
Misty's Partly Cloudy M 1992chestnutLightning of ChincoteagueMisty's Wind Spirit
Misty's Flash Flood M 2005palominoMisty II's HenryLittle Beebe
Misty III M 2007palominoMisty II's HenryLittle Beebe